Unlocking a Peugeot radio

When purchasing a Peugeot you might need a radio code. This happens when the car was without power for some time. If you know it, write it down in the documentation of the car! Preferably in the manual of the radio.

First double check all documentation that comes with your car. Maybe the previous owner wrote it down.

Another option would be to try some standard codes like 0000 or 1234.

As the amount of options on the standard radio are rather slim, you could get a new radio. With support for mp3 files and a usb port or card reader.

A last resort would be to go to your local dealer. They probably will charge you.

Well, sometimes Google is your friend. So far I found these:

I was able to find the code using the local Peugeot dealership.

Unlocking a Peugeot radio