Calibrating a new tv

Buying a new TV is full of difficulties. The first problem is to choose which one, as there are many different types available. When you have the perfect found one, you want to calibrate it. Like me, you want to picture to be perfect. So we need to calibrate the latest expansion to our household.

First thing is to search how calibration is done. You can hire someone, but that is no fun. So we will do it ourselves.

I used the following item on the forum of AVS: Here I downloaded the mp4 7zip file. As that option is likely to be used the most. There are also BR and DVD images available, including instructions of how to use them.

Before you begin
Turn on the TV and make some coffee. Or tea? Or chocolat milk? Or a beer? Maybe some wine? No water? Coke or Pepsi? Milk? Brrr! Something stronger maybe? At least wait 20 minutes, so your TV can warm up.

Setting Brightness (Black Level)
Use the “1-Black Clipping.mp4” in the “Basic Settings” map.

Setting Contrast (White Level)
Use the “3-White Clipping.mp4” in the “Basic Settings” map.

Setting Color and Tint
Use the “4-Flashing Color Bars.mp4” in the “Basic Settings” map.

Setting Sharpness and Overscan
Use the “5-Sharpness & Overscan.mp4” in the “Basic Settings” map.

My collected information.

Some usefull links:

Calibrating a new tv