SoapUI and Security #2

In the previous message I tried to setup a keystore. Now I will try to configure SoapUI.

First I am going to connect the Keystore to SoapUI. After the properties of the project are openend, go to the Keystore tab, which is located under the WS-Security Configurations tab. It should look like below, but without the keystore ofcourse:

Keystore settings

Press the + in the top left corner and go to the location where your keystore is saved. Select the keystore and enter your password. The status should be OK, like on the screenshot above.

Second is to attach the certificate to SoapUI. You can do this in the preferences. Open the SSL Settings and browse to the certificate. Enter a password if needed. Press Ok and restart SoapUI. The restart was nescessary in older versions of SoapUI, I think it is better to do this here too.

For this open the Project Properties page again in SoapUI. Open the WS-Security Configurations tab and go to the Outgoing tab.

Now press the + button to add an Outgoing configuration. You may choose a name of your liking.

In this 3 items have to be added, Signature, Encryption and Timestamp. These will are explained in the following posts.

SoapUI and Security #2

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