SoapUI and Security #4

A section about Encryption.

Keystore, Alias, Password
Just like the previos step. Select the Keystore, with the keystore name and the password you entered when creating the Keystore.

Key Identifier Type
I choose the Thumbprint SHA1 Identifier.

Embedded Key Name, Embedded Key Password
You may leave as you found them, empty!

Symmetric Encodig Algorithm
Select the one with aes256 at the end.

Key Encryption Algorithm
For me the rs-oaep-mgf1p was the choice of the day.

Create Encryption Key
Select it or enable it. Just the way you like it.

Now something interesting. It depends on what de webservice expects. My request, yours probably too, exists of two parts, a header and a body. It is SOAP ofcourse. The header is encoded for some reason, it contains a unique message ID. So press that + button and fill in the 4 fields. In my request no HTML ID parameter is given, so this one stay empty. The name is filled with the elements name the specified Namespace is entered next. Encoding is done of the complete Element and not the Content.

SoapUI and Security #4

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