Log4J XML Configuration

Because I want my logfiles to have the current date as the filename, I started to convert my Log4J property files to XML files.

After I completed this, I received the error:
log4j:WARN No appenders could be found for logger
Wich means the xml file could not be found.

The problem was this:

Instead use:

And ofcourse the source:

Log4J XML Configuration

If I were a dictator

There would be so many changes…

  • Everybody would pay 25% of their income as tax.
  • Patents would only be protected for 10 years. That is enough time for a company to make a profit out of it. After that anyone may use it.
  • Same goes for music and movies.
If I were a dictator


Is something you do not want.

The entertainment industry is run by some old people that only care about how much profit they make. They have no idea how todays market is. Instead of bringing new businessmodels, they want everybody to buy their CD/DVD/BR. These people are trying everything they can so you will buy, buy, buy.

Now the government is on their side with the SOPA/PIPA/ACTA. With these laws websites can be blocked by the entertainment industry. Then the owner of the website has to prove that his/her website is OK. This is the wrong way of doing. The person demanding the blockade has to prove why.

The internet has to be free and open to stimulate innovation!